Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal : 2007, Volume 9, Issue 2 Abstracts XML

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Long-term effect of exposure to mustard gas on male infertility   Research Article
A comparison between the levels of cyclosporine C0   Research Article
The protective effect of body mass index in   Research Article
Detection of Mycobacterial antigen and antibody in   Research Article
Evaluation of stereo tests for screening of amblyopia   Research Article
Bowel movement patterns in children with acute appendicitis   Research Article
Comparison of the effect of local anesthetic cream and orally administered glucose solution in reduction of pain in icteric newborns during venipuncture   Research Article
Reduced incidence of early complications of surgical wounds in laparoscopic surgery   Brief Report
Maternal hematocrit status affecting pregnancy outcome   Brief Report
The Third International Congress on Health Medication and Crisis Management in Natural Disasters: a report   Letter