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Effect of gender, school performance and school type on test anxiety among Iranian adolescents   Research Article
The effect of bisphosphonate on prevention of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis   Research Article
Changes in ulnar nerve conduction velocity across different angles of elbow flexion   Research Article
Genital infection by Trichomonas Vaginalis in women referring to Babol health centers: prevalence and risk factors   Research Article
Myasthenia gravis in Iranian children   Research Article
Mycoflora of human external auditory canal in Shiraz, southern Iran   Research Article
Surgical management of combined perforated and bleeding duodenal ulcer   Research Article
Prevalence of chronic hepatitis in children with leukemia, 1996-2001: a single center experience   Brief Report
Headache as the main presenting symptom of iritis   Case Report
Breast metastatic alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: FNA findings   Case Report
Adult intussusception due to a colonic lipoma   Case Report
Frequency of peptic ulcer and erosion in patients with different types of cholestasis   Letter
A dog bitten person after Bam earthquake, January 2004: an urgent vaccination approach   Letter