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The frequency rate of cardioembolic etiology in North American and Iranian stroke patients: A pilot doublecenter study   Research Article
Pattern visual evoked potential in response to monocular and binocular stimulation in normal and amblyope subjects   Research Article
The effects of high dose methotrexate in patients with neoplastic diseases: a prospective study   Research Article
Multivariate predictors of blood transfusion in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft in Mashhad, Iran   Research Article
A comparison of the outcome between acute open and acute laparoscopic cholecystectomy   Research Article
The role of activity based costing (ABC) system in governmental hospital services in Iran   Research Article
Expression of Ki-67, C-erbB2 and EGFR in TCC of the urinary bladder and their correlation with tumor grading   Research Article
Human cytomegalovirus infection in women of childbearing age, Fars Province: a population-based cohort study   Research Article
The effect of 0.02% Mitomycin-C drop in prevention of epithelial ingrowth in corneal stroma of rabbit as an animal experimental model   Research Article
Nursing and midwifery students' knowledge on prayer rites for the patients in Fars Province, southern Iran   Brief Report
Spectrum of echocardiographic abnormalities in end-stage renal disease patients undergoing hemodialysis   Brief Report
CPCR results in cardiac arrested patients in Nemazee Hospital, Iran   Brief Report
Seizure in a female infant   Case Report
Gorlin’s syndrome presenting as recurrent mandibular cyst infection   Case Report
Primary retroperitoneal seminoma: A case report   Case Report
Reliability of Ultrasonography in Prediction of Vesicoureteral Reflux in Children   Letter
The knowledge and practice of female employees of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences on screening methods of breast cancer, 2006   Letter