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Hajj and Swine Flu Pandemic (H1N1, 2009): What Is Ex-pected and What Should Be Done?   Editorial
Management of Nasofrontal Angle in Rhinoplasty   Review Article
Clostridium Difficile Associated Diarrhoea and the Rela-tionship to Antibiotic Prescription Practices and Proton Pump Inhibitor Use in Elderly Wards   Research Article
The Use of pp150 and gp116 Synthetic Peptides in the Detection of CMV Antibodies   Research Article
Prevalence of the HFE Gene Mutation in the Liver Trans-planted and Primary Hemochromatosis Patients in the Southern Iran   Research Article
Molecular Characterization of Fasciola hepatica Isolates by RAPD-PCR and Ribosomal ITS1 Sequencing   Research Article
Association of Virulent Genes hly, sfa, cnf-1 and pap with Antibiotic Sensitivity in Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Children with Community-Acquired UTI   Research Article
Assessment of Ketamine Effect as Adjuvant to Morphine in Post- Operative Pain Reduction in Donor Kidney Transplanted   Research Article
The Efficacy of Hepatitis B Vaccination among School Age Children in Southern Iran   Research Article
Tramadol Induced Seizure: Report of 106 Patients   Research Article
Effect of Pre-Operative Psycho-educational Interventions on Anxiety and Pain in Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy in Shiraz Southern Iran   Research Article
Serologic Activity against HTLV-I in Patients with Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome in Mashhad, an Endemic Area   Brief Report
In Vitro Assessment of Anti-Streptococcus Mutans Potential of Honey   Brief Report
Cartilaginous Choristoma in Palatine Tonsil   Case Report
Bronchoscopic Extraction of a Hydatid Membrane in a 26-Year-Old Woman with Recurrent Pneumonia   Case Report
Diaphragmatic Perforation without Penetration into the Peritoneum in Sharp Thoracoabdominal Injury   Case Report
Are Endometrial Stem Cells Novel Tools against Ischemic Heart Failure in Women? A Hypothesis   Dissertation
Resurfacing Patella in 140 TKA Patients   Letter
Osteoporosis in Men: A Neglected Problem   Letter
Health Care Accreditation: The Past, Present, and Future in the Middle East   Letter