Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal : 2013, Volume 15, Issue 5, May Abstracts XML

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Comparison of Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation and Milligan Morgan Hemorrhoidectomy in Management of Hemorrhoidal Disease   Research Article
Genetic Analysis of cagA and vacA Genes in Helicobacter Pylori Isolates and Their Relationship with Gastroduodenal Diseases in the West of Iran   Research Article
Determinants of Inequity in Health Care Services Utilization in Markazi Province of Iran   Research Article
Detection of Sugar Chain Expression in Hydatidiform Mole Using Lectin Histochemistry   Research Article
Accuracy of Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Adjustment by Fingertip Palpation after Training of Intensive Care Unit Nurses   Research Article
Comparison of Knifelight Surgery versus Conventional Open Surgery in the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   Research Article
The Role of Diminishing Appetite and Serum Nesfatin-1 Level in Patients with Burn Wound Infection   Research Article
The Efficiency and Budgeting of Public Hospitals: Case Study of Iran   Research Article
The Association Between Melasma and Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation in Acne Patients   Research Article
The Reliability and Validity of the Persian Version of Sinonasal Outcome Test 22 (Snot 22) Questionnaires   Research Article
Hepatitis A Virus Seropositivity in Nurses and Paramedical Personnel at a University Hospital in North Iran   Research Article
The Effect of Systemic Arterial-Line Leukocyte Filtration on the Outcome of Adult Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery   Research Article
Comparing Remifentanil Versus Propofol Effect on Pain and Homodynamic Change of Patients Undergoing Phacoemulsification With Topical Anesthesia   Brief Report
Historical Cohort Study on the Factors Affecting Blood Pressure in Workers of Polyacryl Iran Corporation Using Bayesian Multilevel Modeling with Skew T Distribution   Research Article
Histologic Evaluation of Human Pulp Response to Total Etch and Self Etch Adhesive Systems   Brief Report
Clinical Outcome of Ream Versus Unream Intramedullary Nailing for Femoral Shaft Fractures   Brief Report
Nocardiosis: Risk Factors, Clinical Characteristics and Outcome   Case Report
Prediction of Milk Consumption Among Iranian Pregnant Women: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior   Letter
Comparison of the Effects of Powdered and Powder-free Surgical Gloves on Postlaparotomy Peritoneal Adhesions in Rats   Letter
Determination and Comparison of Affecting Two Methods of Self-aid and Body-aid Based on the Multimedia Software Packages Method and the Lecturing on the Amount of Knowledge and Operation of Personals of Selected Combat Battalions   Letter