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Clinical Learning Environment at Shiraz Medical School in the Educators’ and Residents’ Viewpoints   Letter
Comparison of the Effect of 8 weeks Aerobic and Yoga Training on Ambulatory Function, Fatigue and Mood Status in MS Patients   Research Article
The Small Round Blue Cell Tumors of the Sinonasal Area: Histological and Immunohistochemical Findings   Research Article
Path Analysis of the Risk of Low Birth Weight for Multipara   Research Article
Diastematomyelia Presenting With no Pain in a 53-Year-Old Man: A Case Report   Case Report
Accuracy of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Assessment in Core Needle Biopsy Specimens of Breast Cancer   Brief Report
Lead Poisoning-Induced Hypertensive Crisis Managed by Prazosin: A Case Report   Case Report
Ipsilateral Traumatic Fractures of the Proximal and Distal Parts of the Humerus (Floating Arm) With Fracture of Distal Clavicle: A Case Report   Letter
Clinical Lipid Control Success Rate Before and After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Iran; a Single Center Study   Research Article
Frequency of All Types of Colorectal Tumors in the Patients Referred to Selected Hospitals in Tehran   Research Article
Atypical Giant Hydatid Cyst at the Thoracic Wall Causing Bone and Soft Tissue Destruction: Report of a Case   Case Report
Preparedness of Hospitals in North of Iran to Deal With Disasters   Brief Report
Genotyping of Acanthamoeba Isolated From Surface and Stagnant Waters of Qazvin, Central Iran   Letter
Determining the Latent Tuberculosis Infection by IFN - γ Elispot Assay in Healthcare Workers From University Hospitals of Shiraz, South West of Iran   Research Article
Comparing the Effect of Preoperative Administration of Methylprednisolone and its Administration Before and During Surgery on the Clinical Outcome in Pediatric Open Heart Surgeries   Research Article
Comparison of Vessel Sealing Systems with Conventional   Research Article
Perforated Acute Appendicitis in a Pre-Term Neonate   Research Article
Comparison of Three Interview Methods on Response Pattern to Sensitive and Non-Sensitive Questions   Research Article
Should External Powered Orthoses be Used by Paraplegic Subjects or Not?   Letter
Path Analysis Associations Between Perceived Social Support, Stressful Life Events and Other Psychosocial Risk Factors During Pregnancy and Preterm Delivery   Research Article