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Muscle Abscess due to Salmonella Enterica   Case Report
Evaluation of Oral Tiazinidine Effects on [intraoperative] Hemodynamic Responses During Direct Laryngoscopy Under General Anesthesia   Research Article
Outcomes of Rectal Prolapse Using the Altemeier Procedure   Letter
Demographic and Histological Predictors of Survival in Patients With Gastric and Esophageal Carcinoma   Research Article
The Effect of Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Molecular Markers of Cholesterol Homeostasis in THP-1 Macrophages   Research Article
The Relationship of Social Support and Quality of Life with the Level of Stress in Pregnant Women Using the PATH Model   Research Article
Roy’s Adaptation Model-Based Patient Education for Promoting the Adaptation of Hemodialysis Patients   Research Article
Physical Activity Pattern and Personal-Social Factors of Mothers During Pregnancy And Infant Birth Weight Based On MET Scale: A Case-Control Study   Research Article
Effect of Cefazolin Prophylaxis on Postoperative Infectious Complications in Elective Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Prospective Randomized Study   Research Article
Comparison of the Serum Concentration of Zinc in Patients With Bronchiectasis and Control Group   Research Article
Ki-67 Expression in Hydatidiform Moles and Hydropic Abortions   Research Article
Maternal Quality of Life before and after Delivery   Letter
Toxoplasmosis: Experimental Vaginal Infection in NMRI Mice and Its Effect on Uterin, Placenta and Fetus Tissues   Research Article
Influence of Oral Calcium Intake During Pregnancy on Blood and Urine Calcium Levels of Newborns   Letter
Serum Zinc Level in Children With Simple Febrile Convulsions   Letter
Severe Dysphagia After Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Preceded By Cervical Botolinum Toxin Injection: A Case Report   Case Report
Foreign Bodies in Lower Urinary Tract: Case Report and Review of Literature   Case Report
Conjunctival Necrosis and Scleritis Following Subtenon Triamcinolone Acetonide Injection   Case Report
Prevalence of Oral Mucosal Lesions in an Adult Iranian Population   Research Article
Less Radical Surgery for Patient With Early-Stage Cervical Cancer   Case Report