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Effect of BMI on Mobility of Patients with Proximal Femoral Fracture   Letter
Frequency of sabA Gene in Helicobacter pylori Strains Isolated From Patients in Tehran, Iran   Research Article
Cochlear Damages Caused by Vibration Exposure   Research Article
Latent and Active Tuberculosis: Evaluation of Injecting Drug Users   Research Article
Correlation of Sperm Parameters With Semen Lipid Peroxidation and Total Antioxidants Levels in Astheno- and Oligoasheno- Teratospermic Men   Research Article
Healing Initial of Appendectomy Infection Wounds With Aggressive Washing Method   Research Article
First Report on Isolation and Characterization of Leishmania major from Meriones hurrianae (Rodentia: Gerbillidae) of A Rural Cutaneous leishmaniasis Focus in South-Eastern Iran   Research Article
Diagnostic Endoscopy and Clinical Characteristics of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Children: a 10-Year Retrospective Study   Research Article
Knowledge and Attitudes of Physicians Towards Evidence Based Medicine in Ilam, Iran   Research Article
Patient Preferences for Hospital Quality: Case Study of Iran   Research Article
Evaluation of Effects of Intraperitoneal CO2 Pressure in Laparoscopic Operations on Kidney, Pancreas, Liver and Spleen in Dogs   Research Article
Protective Effect of Tragopogon Graminifolius DC Against Ethanol Induced Gastric Ulcer   Research Article
Carbetocin vs. Syntometrine in Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage: a Double Blind Randomized Control Trial   Research Article
Bullous Dermatitis Artefacta in a 17 Year-old Girl Induced by a Native Herb   Case Report
The Life of Jorjani: One of the Persian Pioneers of Medical Encyclopedia Compiling: On the Occasion of His 1000th Birthday Anniversary (434, A.H. - 1434, A.H.)   Research Article
Reducing Outpatient Waiting Time: A Simulation Modeling Approach   Case Report
Conversion of Fused Knee Following Distal Femur Tumor Surgery to Total Knee Arthroplasty   Case Report
An Overview of Shiraz Emergency Medical Services, Dispatch to Treatment   Research Article
Disaster Medical Assistance Teams After Earthquakes in Iran: Propose a Localized Model   Research Article
Working Conditions, Socioeconomic Factors and Low Birth Weight: Path Analysis   Research Article