Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal : 2015, Volume 17, Issue 3, Mar Abstracts XML

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Incidence of Self-Reported Interpersonal Violence Related Physical Injury in Iran   Research Article
Empowerment and Coping Strategies in Menopause Women: A Review   Review Article
At What Age Range Should Children Be Circumcised?   Research Article
Effect of Sample Storage Temperature and Time Delay on Blood Gases, Bicarbonate and pH in Human Arterial Blood Samples   Research Article
Unusual Growth of Upper Lip Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report   Case Report
The Effect of Equisetum Arvense (Horse Tail) Ointment on Wound Healing and Pain Intensity After Episiotomy: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial   Research Article
Tessier Number 30 Clefts With Congenital Heart Defects   Case Report
Developing of the Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol for Public Hospitals in Iran   Research Article
Factors Predicting Nutrition and Physical Activity Behaviors Due to Cardiovascular Disease in Tehran University Students: Application of Health Belief Model   Research Article
Efficacy and Safety of Aluminum Chloride in Controlling External Hemorrhage: An Animal Model Study   Research Article
Ambivalence Towards Childbirth in a Medicalized Context: A Qualitative Inquiry Among Iranian Mothers   Research Article
Acute Hepatorenal Failure in a Patient Following Consumption of Mushrooms: A Case Report   Case Report
Cross Cultural Adaptation, Validity, and Reliability of the Farsi Breastfeeding Attrition Prediction Tools in Iranian Pregnant Women   Research Article
Prevalence of Trichomoniasis Among Women in Kermanshah, Iran   Research Article
Factors Affecting the Communication Competence in Iranian Nursing Students: A Qualitative Study   Research Article
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Chest Compression Only and Teamwork From the Perspective of Medical Doctors, Surgeons and Anesthesiologists   Research Article
Quality of Life of Postmenopausal Women and Their Spouses: A Community-Based Study   Research Article
Evaluating Glucocorticoid Administration on Biomechanical Properties of Rats’ Tibial Diaphysis   Research Article
A New 2D-Based Method for Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Quantification From Ultrasound Sequences   Research Article
Longitudinal Discriminant Analysis of Hemoglobin Level for Predicting Preeclampsia   Research Article